Eight Station Auto Tilt – 8 Casks (8rs/9)




Eight Station Auto Tilt Cellar Racking 8 Casks

Maintenance free racking system for eight firkins (2 x 4 racks) incorporating fully automatic cask tilts.

Dimensions: 2 x H=820mm x D=460mm x W=2200mm

Benefits are:

  • Space-saving – two casks use a similar space as one would whether you currently use horizontal stillage or uprights.
  • Time-saving – no need to manually raise the cask, springs do the job for you.
  • Waste-reducing – smooth automatic tilting keeps ullage at an absolute minimum by steadily tilting as the cask empties.
  • Money-saving – with reduced waste payback time could be within a few weeks.
  • Fully automatic – once racked there is no need to move the cask, therefore eliminating the possibility of disturbing sediment.
  • Easy to assemble – simply bolts together after arriving flat packed. (Nuts and bolts included).
  • Maintenance free – once assembled everything is in place with a lifetime guarantee on springs.
  • Durable – spray painted in a black polyester powder.
  • Made by us – racking systems can be individually made to fit tight or awkward spaces in the cellar.
  • Waist high – a comfortable height to lift a full cask onto the racking system available for 4.5, 9 or 18 gallon casks, or a combination.

If you would like to have your Cellar Racking 8 Casks system made up for you please call us on 01308 426982. Please be aware there will be NO extra charge for assembly but there will be a difference in delivery costs.

We can supply Hoist Systems which alleviate manual handling, offering a simple way of racking casks, please call for more details.

Give us a call on 01308 426986

Please see Hoist System Video link below.