Beer Festival Guide

All you need to know if you are thinking of running a beer festival

There are a few important facts you need to remember…

Running a beer festival is all about the fun; it’s all about sharing the passion for cask beer with one another and a great way to introduce new customers to cask beer. Running a beer festival, if you plan it right can also be very beneficial for your business!

1) WHEN will you be holding your beer festival and HOW long will it last?

  • Look through the calendar, it may be beneficial to run your beer fest on a significant date such as: Cask Ale Week, Christmas, Halloween, Bank Holidays and other public holidays where people will be looking for events to go to, things to do!
  • Be careful, check to make sure your event isn’t going to clash with anything else going on around your community!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to organise the event (at least 6-8 weeks).

Image courtesy of Dorchester Beerex

2) WHERE will you be holding your event?

  • Is it easily accessible? Is there shelter if it rains or will you need a marquee? Are there public facilities near by or will you have to provide it?
  • The number of visitors you will be expecting will determine the size of your location and what is required for your event.
  • If you are hosting your first event, we advise you start off small. Once you have hosted a successful event, through word of mouth and other media resources your events will expand, along with your confidence!

3) HOW much equipment will you need? What will you do if…?

It’s really important to tackle all potential challenges that may arise so that you are well prepared.

  • Will you need more than one serving counter, if so how many employees will you need?
  • What additional equipment will you need…? Cooling equipment, Taps, Jackets, Drip trays, Will you provide tasting notes?
  • How many chairs and tables will you need?
  • Plan to receive your casks 3 days before your festival commences, but check that you have a safe location to store these!
  • Will you be serving direct from the cask, if so you will need barrel ends advertising the beer?

Image courtesy of Dorchester Beerex

4) WITH? What will you have to offer with your beer?

  • Perhaps a BBQ, buffet or hog roast?
  • Will you have some form of entertainment, perhaps a band? Karaoke? Games?
  • Will you be entertaining families or adults only? If you are doing a family event you may want to think about having some sort of activity for children. For example a Bouncy Castle or face painting might be good to have on site too.
  • Can you involve any of the local clubs or organisations?

5) ADVERTISING – To make the most out of your events, make sure you advertise well in advance!

  • You may want to think about selling tickets, this will help your preparation plans, Perhaps a discount for buying tickets in advance as apposed to ‘on the door’.
  • The local radio is also a good way to advertise your event, be as creative as you can reaching out to non regulars as well as your regular customers!

6) BEER SELECTION at beer festivals is highly important, choosing the right mix of beer helps towards the success of your event.

  • Think about how many beers you will need, but remember whilst interesting as you want to be your overall profits will be harmed if you are left with lots of unsold beer.
  • Try to offer a range of beer styles and strengths, both national and local favourites.
  • Think about what other drinks you will offer, both soft and alcoholic. Wines, ciders, lagers etc…
  • Ensure your beer is well looked after and served in peak condition. This will increase sales and ultimately increase profits.

Remember… Its all about the fun!

A-Cask can supply you with all your Beer Festival equipment. Our in house specialists can offer tips and advice for your event.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01308 426982

Image courtesy of Dorchester Beerex