Pipeline Beer Line Cleaner ( 5 Litre) (s/linecleaner)



Pipeline Beer Line Cleaner is suitable for beer and soft drinks dispensers which contains a Purple Colour Indicator for safe cleaning.

  • The world’s first purple beer line cleaner
  • Changes colour when the line is dirty
  • Contains no caustic soda

Classic original alkaline beer line cleaner with built-in solution status indicator and bactericides for long lasting effect. Safe to use on all types of line materials, pipes, pumps, beer engines, taps and fittings if used in the prescribed manner.

Quite simply: Pipeline changes colour if the line is dirty. Follow the colour changes after each soak and when fluid comes out the same colour as it went it, you know that the line is absolutely yeast and bacteria free. Rinse in cold water. Use diluted Pipeline solution to clean optical spirit measures. Do not use on lacquered items.