Cellar Tidy Kit (c/tidy)




Our Cellar Tidy is supplied with brackets to hook onto the end of Cellar Racking or alternatively can be screwed to the wall! Supplied with 3 small trays and 1 large tray to store all of your Cellar essentials, Including 8 purpose sized slots to hold Cask taps.

Kit includes:
1x Cellar Tidy Unit
2x Cask Taps
1x Tap Brush
1x Venting Punch
1x Mallet
25x Soft Spiles
25x Hard Spiles
25x Corks
25x Keystones
10x Shives
10x Hop Filters
1x Dipstick
1x Wooden Wall Thermometer
2x Hose Clips
10x Cable Ties
1x Gas Spanner