Keg Wrap piped Jacket 20 litre – CPK/KK20P


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Piped Key Keg Jacket 20 litre


Overall circumference is 1030mm which allows for a 140mm overlap x depth of 500mm

A-Cask  upright piped cooling jackets consist of an outer layer of high quality black PVC, an inner layer of silver nylon fabric with foam insulation between the layers. PVC pipe is woven into net pockets, through which chilled water is re-circulated. (re-recirculating water cooler needed with this product).  The jacket is fastened tightly around the cask with a Velcro strap, ensuring the cold piping has maximum contact with barrel. All piped jackets come fitted with John Guest 3/8″ Male Fittings to attach to a 3/8″ JG female fitting.
Piped cooling jackets are:

  • An effective low cost solution to your cask cooling requirements
  • Ideal for cooling cask beer at beer festivals, outside bars, or dispensing directly on the bar or any outlet where cellar cooling is not available.