A-Cask Float Ale Extraction Single System ( 9-11 Gallon) ( s/caskale)

£29.50 £25.08

Float Ale Extraction System. A new, extremely competitively priced alternative for the vertical extraction of cask ale


This is a new, extremely competitively priced alternative for the vertical extraction of cask ale.

This single system uses an extraction float that sits just under the surface of the beer, dropping down the barrel as it empties to ensure you achieve maximum yield.

One of the exclusive benefits of our Float Ale Extraction System, is a non return valve which ensures maximum life of the beer once you have started serving.

Successful independent tests have been completed by several leading UK breweries including Marstons & Charles Wells.

Everything you need is in the box.

This system includes:

  • Float body
  • Float tapping cap
  • Float tube
  • Tube adaptor
  • Float adjustable elbow
  • Float non-return valve
  • Beer line pipe connector
  • Soft spile
  • Jubilee clip
  • Spanner


Float Ale Extraction System – instructions for use

Here are step by step instructions for how to use this extraction system:

  1. Put the float tapping cap in to the top of the float body by screwing it in a clockwise direction until it is secure.
  2. Ensure the key stone is clean by wiping thoroughly with a cloth before broaching the barrel with the float body.
  3. To broach the barrel place the float body into the broach and tap firmly with a rubber mallet (available separately) until the float body is fully home.
  4. Once the beer has finished working, remove the soft spile and replace with the non return valve.
  5. Once the beer is ready to be dispensed you are now able to enter the float tube into the barrel. Take the end of the float tube and position this onto the end of the tube adaptor.
  6. Remove the float tapping cap from the float body.
  7. Insert the float tube in through the top of the float body and into the barrel until the adaptor meets the body and screw this into position.
  8. Fix the float adjustable elbow onto the body and tighten with the spanner provided.
  9. To attach the beer line take the beer line pipe connector and the jubilee clip. Tighten the jubilee clip with a screw driver (not supplied).
  10. Screw together the pipe line connector to the adaptor.


View our video showing how to tap a vertical cask ale using this ale extraction system.